Best Bets


Play binary bets with dynamic odds of selected events. Its really simple! All bets are collected in a pot for each bet. 99% of the pot will payed fairly to the winning team. Before the event (open) bets will be collected, odds are depending from bet deposits and are updated with every single deposit. When the event begins, all bets are frozen during the event period (e.g. a sport event). Binary bets means: Bets or events without a explicit winner will be canceled, all players will receive their bets back. The payouts will be payed out a few hours after the event.

Happy betting!



**) 99% payout to players when the event has a clear result. 1% fee. 50% of the fee will directly send to frogdividend-contract, 50% to team-contract.

Tested with Scatter Desktop 10.1.0 and TokenPocket

Good luck!