The Frog-Token

The FROG token is the instrument to benefit users for playing CatchTheFrog and other DApps from the CatchTheFrog universe. During the distribution period every single game will result in an instant payout of "Frog".

Users are able to stake their FROG-Token in order to benefit from 50% of the house profit.

Name: FROG
EOS-Contract: frogfrogcoin
FROG-Whitepaper (january 2019):


SVG with background:

SVG without background:



Max. Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) is an gaming platform running on the EOS blockchain and is a registered Scatter-DApp. All transactions are handled by our smartcontracts with zero costs for transactions in realtime. The history of every single game is published on the EOS blockchain and provides a fair and transparent game experience.

Good luck!